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The Underdog Prophet

Prophetess, Motivational Speaker, Prophetic Teacher,  Author, Enterpreneur, Playwright, & Life Coach!

"And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." Luke 14:23

She is RELENTLESS, UNCOMPROMISING, and NO NONSENSE!  Known as a mother to four beautiful children, a grandmother to 3 lovely granddaughters, a Department Chair of Special Education (ITA) to Baltimore City School System, Friend to many, and a Mentor to some.  But to God, She is His  Underdog Prophet!


Educated in New York City, she graduated from Adelphi University in 1984 with a Bachelor in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology, and in 2002 with Masters in Education from Coppin States University, but her greatest accomplishment was in 1989 when she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord  & Savior.


As a Prophet she graciously draws from the Spirit of the Lord, His infinite wisdom to set those who are captives free.  Through speaking engagements, conferences, webinars, inspirational books, blog and all manners of written works. Each word spoken, each line & verse written is an expression of wisdom from the lessons learned from her own trials and tribulations taught by and through the HOLY SPIRIT. The prayers and anecdotes that she uses to combat her own challenges and the hardships that she faces daily in her life, she now share with us.

Monique is the founder of SETH Deliverance Outreach Center (SDOC)-a Transformation center for Men, Women, and Children, President of Deborah Warriors Arise Woman's Ministry (DWA), and Owner of DECLARE-Wears that proclaim Online Store. These ministries have one mission and that is to promote spiritual growth by shifting, equipping, teaching the harvest! She is also the CEO & Director DoveStar Productions Broadcasting Network and produced her first play-"Who Is My Neighbor?

Monique was a member of Christian Liberty Fellowship under the leadership of Pastors Wesley & Janice McBryde where in 2005 she was ordained into the ministry office of the Prophetess by Apostle Christina Holtclaw and Pastor Carolyn Seawell of East Baltimore Deliverance Church.  She also served as an Elder, Administrative Assistant to the Pastors, on the Hospitality Committee, as the Pastor's Aide and Nurse, Choreographer & leader of the Dance Ministry, Media Specialist, and a variety of other committees and teams. She is currently under watch care under Apostle Lewis & Felicia Lambert of Lewis Lambert's International Ministries. She is a graduate of Leadership School under Apostle Matthew Stevenson and has taken numerous training courses for the prophetic, the mentorship and a host of classes for spiritual growth.

For the past twenty-one years, Monique has dedicated her life to the empowerment and enrichment of others lives.  This is accomplished through her books, speaking engagements and dance.  God has blessed Monique with many talents and gifts and she uses them to fulfill the call upon her life.


An inspirational writer and motivational speaker Monique has published and authored three books and has written the forward on another.  She is the author of "A Father's Love"-a poetic book of psalms and "Who Is Thy Neighbor"-a fiction that explores and reflects on the true heart of the Christian souls and the controversial "Can A Christian Be Possessed by An Evil Spirit?" which deal with how we as been found guilty of twisting God's Words. She has written the forward in the book authored by Pastor Trena Stephenson titled-"My Secret Garden." She has talked on many motivational topics dealing with the Worth of a Godly Woman, Discovering Your God-Given Gifts, Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Destiny, Where Are You!, and so much more!

Through SETH, her desire is to reach out to hurting women as well as disciple them. Spiritual growth is her ultimate goal. Through relational (social, family, communication, witnessing, service, and friendship), physical (health, nutrition, addictions), emotional (self-esteem, depression, crisis's, counseling), and mental (decision-making, time management, finances, leadership skills) biblical applications she plans to help them to that desired place of spiritual growth.


Monique graciously draws from the Lord's  Spirit motivational messages that will encourage, uplift, enlighten and provide spiritual growth for the soul. Each word written or spoken is an expression of God's infinite wisdom which she obtained from her own trials and tribulation periods.  The prayers and anecdotes that she uses to combat her own challenges and the hardships that she faces daily in her life, she now shares with us.


WELCOME TO (SDC) S.E.T.H Deliverance Center. So journey with me as open up the gates of hell to set the captives FREE!



Prophet, Inspiration Author, Motivational Speaker & Mentor

Why Underdog?

Underdog was a fictional character who defended the weak, the lame and those who society overlooked and counted out.

The thing about this is that God loves these people. Jesus' whole ministry was to the lost, the loser, the sick, the prostitute, the liar, the murderer, etc.

If ever there was a group of individuals that needed a Word from the Lord, it is them. A word that will forever set them on a path to recovery and righteousness.

This is my purpose and calling! To love them as God has loved me.​ Look towards the sky. It's not a bird, nor a plane, It's The Word of The Lord!

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