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The White Gloves Pearls & Top Hat Institute is a outreach limb of SETH Deliverance Ministries and is designed to develop the 3 P's: PEOPLE of Excellence, PEOPLE of Distinction, and PEOPLE of  Purpose.


As PEOPLE of excellence we are expected to carry out our missions for God with character and integrity.  We represent God in all we do, on the job, in the home, and in the community.  In all areas of our lives and no matter what the task, God must be GLORIFY and pleased by who we are, what we do, and how we do it.



As PEOPLE of distinction we are unlike all others.  We have been separated and set apart by God.  We are all unique in our own special way.  We are striving to become more confident in who God has made us to be.  WHY?  Because we are all beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God no matter what others may think or what we may think of ourselves. We learn to appreciate our uniquenness and those in others as well.



As PEOPLE of purpose we have been born with a mission, a purpose, & a destiny by God.  Here is where we discover the wonderfully deposited gifts and talents that God has graciously given to us. We use what our Father gave us to fulfill His plan and His purpose here on earth, but first we must discover what that is and that is a process thats He reveals to us over time.



The 2 Peter 1:3 commands us to rise to excellence. As we aim towards the mark of God's higher calling, our journey starts by discovering our worth as  A People of Worth,  A People of Value,  A People of Substance... God's PEOPLE!

The Meaning of White Gloves, Pearls & Top Hats Institute

In order for you to understand the mission and purpose of WGPTH,  you must understand its name. I will break each down and then the picture will form.


White is the color of purity. Brides wear white in many countries, because white symbolizes a virgin. White means kindness. In some cultures white is worn at funerals. White daisies are symbols of love.

Strictly speaking, white is not a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all color - the complete energy of light. It stands for wholeness and completion. In many cultures it represents openness and truth. White has a cold quality. It can provide clarity as its energy is complete.

White has purification vibrations and can be used to clear blocks from your path. It holds the potential to move toward every other color and this makes it a good choice for new beginnings, and development in any direction.

We put some white in our lives because we want:
.to clear clutter and obstacles away
.to start a fresh beginning
.to bring about mental clarity
.purification of thoughts or actions.




Signifies the beauty of age and connects us to purification and repentance. It is said to also represnt wisdom, dignity, and honor. Although it was also considered negative among the Elizabethan Era, biblically speaking, it was used as a sign of dignity and honor. Men as they are appraching a mature age begin to gray and they become more distinguish in their looks, more debonair.


Even if we do not have gray hair or are approaching a beauty of maturity, God expects us to be pure, To always have a repentive heart but also that we should become wise as serpents, but gentle as doves. As mature children of the MOST High, we should be apt to teach the younger, and some older ones too, about Christian living and the Mind of God.




Light Pink is the softer side of pink which represents the tender heart of our loving God for His children. It represents our more delicate side, a side that should demonstrate our Godly compassion towards one another. Now men, dont get all in a tizzy about the soft side of nature God's, it was not only gaven women, because He also gave it to you as well.  You just demonstarte it differently and that's okay.


Light Pink is also romantic. Do you know that God loves to be romance? No!  Not like we do in the world, but through trust, faith, and communing with Him we show Him our romantic side. It pleases God when we trust Him and have faith in His ability to do the impossible. Then when we, commune with himnin prayer and worship (obedience as well as in song), it all adds up to loving Him. 


Doing those things should spill over into our everyday lives. On our jobs, homes, community, all should see the love of God oozing through our pores and when it does He will be able to draw the lost unto Himself because when they see you, they see GOD! 


God wants us to show love to all, friends, family and enemies as well. So, let your pink lights shine! Let mankind see the tenderheartedness of the God we serve through you. 




Symbolizes one marked by special care or attention. The glove is considered a covering of the hand.

The signification of hand, is power. For example, to put forth his hand and take the dove and bring her in to himself, is to apply and attribute to himself the truth meant by the dove. That by hand is signified power, also authority (potestas), and the derivative self confidence, is evident from many passages in the Word, as in Isaiah

“I will visit upon the fruit of the greatness of heart of the king of Assyria, because he hath said, By the strength of my hand I have done it and by my wisdom, for I am intelligent (Isaiah 10:12, 13)”

WHY GLOVES? I know its appears old timey and out of date a little bit but gloves for us denotes power and authority especially the right hand. Because hands signify powers, man's evils and falsities are continually called in the Word-“the works of his hands”. By covering the hand with a glove, the gloves become our representation protection and the symbol of honor, at the feet of an adversary, who thereby challenges our integrity. With honor we where them to show that whatever we put our hand to work for God that we will do with honor and integrity. It is worn to show or royalty priesthood in God.

The white glove is symbolic of having clean hands. In order for us to serve as a true ambassador from God we must have clean hands. Hands are symbolic of “human actions”; pure hands and pure actions; unjust hands are deeds of injustice.

The washing of hands has the outward sign of internal purification in other words hands represent the internal purification of one’s heart. The actions that we take based upon what is in our hearts deeds. The Psalmist said, “I will wash my hands in innocence and I will encompass thine alter, Jehovah.”

The glove is a covering of the hand; pure hands with pure actions and motives. When we wear our gloves in service to God we perform out of a clean, pure, devoted heart. Our actions are with the purest intentions. There are no evil motives as to why we do what we do. Others that we are led to service will then feel the true heart of God from us and His love is demonstrated in its purest form on earth. We wear them knowing our authority and where that authority truly comes from. We have power in our hands to heal, deliver and set the captives free.

That's why we wear our gloves. We are willing to empty our hearts and mind of all things that would interferes in us becoming the 3P's - PEOPLE of Excellence, PEOPLE of Distinction and PEOPLE of Purpose.

Proverbs 3:16
Long life is in her right hand; In her left hand are riches and honor

Psalm 24:21
21"So they shall wash their hands and their feet, so that they will not die; and (A)it shall be a perpetual statute for them, for Aaron and his descendants throughout their generations." 4He who has (A)clean hands and a (B)pure heart, Who has not (C)lifted up his soul to falsehood; And has not (D)sworn deceitfully 

Psalms 26:
26. I shall (A) wash my hands in innocence, And I will go about (B)Your altar, O LORD

James 4:8
8(A) Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (B)Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and (C)purify your hearts, you (D)double-minded 




At the turn of the 21st century, Top Hats became frequently associated with the upper class and were used by aristocrafts. So what does this mean for us. It means that when we were adopted by Christ we became part of His Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation of people. We are now heirs to the throne. We are the King of King's Children. It is important that we know who we are and whose we are. Many of use walk around with a defeative attititude instead of as Royality, which we are. We are often forgetting who we serve, sowe allow the enemy to make us feel unworthy of His love, His grace, and His mercy.  


Now women, just like mean can wear light pink, we can were top hats too because we are part of the Royality Priesthood as well. So let use act like children befitting a King. Not with arogance or pride, but humble and gentle priest full of compasion and love, but warriors demonstrating power none the less.




Biblically the Pearl in (Heb. gabish) Hebrew word in Job 28:18 probably means "crystal." Pearls, however are frequently mentioned in the New Testament, Mt 13:45; 1Ti 2:9; Re 17:4; 21:21 and were considered by the ancients among the most precious of gems, and were highly esteemed as ornaments. The kingdom of heaven is compared to a "pearl of great price." In Mt 7:6 pearls are used metaphorically for anything of value, or perhaps more especially for "wise sayings." (The finest specimens of the pearl are yielded by the pearl oyster (Avicula margaritifera), still found in abundance in the Persian Gulf and near the coasts of Ceylon, Java and Sumatra. The oysters grow in clusters on rocks in deep water, and the pearl is found inside the shell, and is the result of a diseased secretion caused by the introduction of foreign bodies, as sand, etc., between the mantle and the shell.The pearl is a lunar symbol, also representing water and woman. They are attributes of angelic perfection, which is only achieved by transmutation, and not freely given.


Pearls are rare, pure and precious, flawless and white despite being dredged from the mud, coming from a clumsy shell.Pearls are very beautiful and valuable gemstones, but what really makes them special is how they are created. Unlike other gems, pearls are produced by a living organism, an oyster, as the result of an injury. It usually begins forming around a grain of sand or an egg of some parasite that invaded the oyster. The oyster protects itself by layering the irritant with nacre (mother-of-pearl) until, out of pain and suffering, it forms an object of great beauty. The offending party actually becomes a gem of great worth.In a similar way, spiritually, we are an irritant, a parasite due to our nature and sins (Romans 3:23-26). However, because God loves us, we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, and gradually, we can become a thing of beauty, clothed with the righteousness of Him who bought us (Romans 3:24-26; Ephesians 2:13). As long as the pearl—the church—remains in the oyster—the world—it has no value. In fact, the pearl has no real intrinsic worth; its value resides in the immense cost paid for it.Pearls strung on a thread symbolize order, and pearl necklaces represent unity, a spiritual relationship between separate individuals and God.


Pearls are very special because they begin as a painful irritation, but the pain is only the beginning of a beautiful, desired gem.The doctrine of God's grace is essential in understanding this parable (II Corinthians 9:15; Romans 6:23). The merchant is willing to buy the pearl at an exorbitant cost. No one can buy salvation or the Kingdom of God or eternal life for himself. Grace would not be grace if one were able to barter with God (Luke 7:41-42). According to Scripture, we have no righteousness, no talents, no goods, nothing that is of any value in purchasing such a priceless gift from God (Isaiah 64:6). Peter's denunciation of Simon Magus clearly shows that no one can buy what belongs to God (Acts 8:17-24).Further, we do not choose Christ but He selects us (John 15:16; Luke 19:10). Since He is the merchant, the price paid was His life, and the church is the pearl. The church is one body (Ephesians 4:4), composed of those He has sought out through the ages to be a habitation of Christ by His Spirit and who will be His bride at His return.The


Pearl presents a wonderful picture of the purchase of the church in preparation for the Kingdom of God. It is encouraging to know that Jesus does not seek us in reluctant fulfillment of duty. Nor is He groping in the dark, hoping that we will respond to His plea, but He seeks us out with an efficient, organized, pre-planned goal in mind. He pursues us as a man courts a woman to be his bride, willing to spill His own blood as her purchase price (Acts 20:28). What greater price could have been paid for the church than the life of Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice?So when we wear a our armor of what these items symboloze every day as,we are signifying that we are PEOPLE with Excellence (Integrity), PEOPLE of Distinction (Worthy of honor) and PEOPLE with Purpose (mission)!


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