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"We Build! We Train! We Develop!
Through Our Mentorship Program We  Also Build  Strong Relationships That Become Bonds of Companionships For A Lifetime! "
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Join Our ARISE!

Mentorship Program!


Mentoring is not a replacement for good management or leadership, nor is it a replacement for the appropriate development or training program. A valuable mentoring relationship is “one of trust between two individuals—one of whom is more experienced than the other—and provides insight and guidance, and perhaps helps to make connections.


What is a Mentor and what does she do?

  • A mentor is a wise woman who is mature in faith and consistent in godly conduct.

  • She is willing to listen, share skills, and provide a positive perspective for life experiences.

  • She provides wisdom and offers a spiritually sound, safe and fun friendship to all woman or teens.

  • “One leads simply because she knows the path a little better.”

Our Mentorship program is designed to help you spiritual grow into maturity.

It is a ministry that intentionally develops friendships among women of different generations. Women invest in the lives of each other through encouragement, guidance, listening, laughing and loving. The goal is to form strong and lasting relationships that are a source of support, growth and strength.


Having A Women's Mentor group


  • The Lord commands us to tell the next generation – Psalms 145:4, 48:13, 71:18, and 78:4.

  • Teaching what we’ve learned is the Lord’s plan for growth and maturity – Titus 2:2-5.

  • Spiritual friendships are extremely valuable in a woman’s life - Proverbs 27:9 and1

We believe that the youth are also an integral part of this church. As adults, we have the responsibility to help the youth grow in their faith and become fruitful members of the congregation and community.

Why Join Our Mentor Group?


  • It provides a way for all to actively participate in the body of Christ.

  • It establishes an organization where Women or Girl's can have fun and fellowship with others their own age.

  • It teaches us in a creative fashion about Jesus, His church and living as a Christian.

  • It provides a structure around which youth can form their value systems under Christian guidelines.

  • It provides a sense of belonging and develops a Servant mind-set.

  • It provides youth with a constructive outlet for their energy and social-growth needs.


Our cost is very reasonable. We offer two packages:


Warrior Package:

For $75 monthly with a (3) three month commitment, you will receive:

  1. Two (2) biweekly (1) hour session by phone.

  2.  One (1) Monthly Face-to-Face group session on Zoom. (Must download the app.)

  3.  Discounts to mostly all of our events, webinars, and special gatherings.

  4. Discover you God-Given Gift Assessments

  5. Have your gifts stirred! 

  6.  One Yearly, Mentor-ship gathering with all the mentee's  for food, fun and fellowship. 

Mercenary Package

This is our mini package. In this package you will receive:

1. One (1) monthly  (1) hour session by phone

2. Discount on some events, webinars, and special gatherings.


Simply complete the questionnaire form and submit payment via which will be due by the first week of each month. and no later than the 15th of that month. ​


Fire Starters Youth Program
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What is ARISE?

DEBORAH ARISE!  That's Right! We are women handling God's business, keeping our homes intact, loving our husbands, raising our kids, entrepreneurs, and still  stepping out in faith to become women of destiny!

We are a mentorship program designed to develop, train and equip women to become the 3W's:

  • Women of Excellence

  • Women of Distinction 

  • Women of Purpose

Everything we do, we do with faith, determination, & with style!

Membership is easy. Simply click on the document and submit by email.  Make your payment. Application made  without payments will not be considered. 

Thank you for investing in your spiritual growth!

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