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Rise & Shine, The Light Has Come! 


                 BREAKING CHAINS!












Matthew 7:21-23 one of the most sobering passages speak to a people who think they are saved, but in the end find out that all they did was for NOTHING!

We are doing many things in the church. All sorts of things, even things that appear to be good. But there is one key to this verses. The the term "will", does the "WILL" of my Father. 

We can do many great things. The mind of man is inventive with great imagination, but if what we do does not line up to The "WILL of the FATHER" it is in vain. It doesn't matter how great something is or how powerful a reaction it gets. Those responses do not indicate that what you did or plan to do was or is in agreement with the "WILL of the FATHER."

A misconception that many have and unfortunately will find out in the end when they are rejected is that they did many wonderful works. Works that was not in the Will of the Father but mans plans.

Don't be one that is rejected! Make sure that in everything you do it is by the "Will of the Father" and not because of people, churchdom expectations, vain imaginations, and so forth. Only that which is done for the "Will of the Father" will be counted. 

Other than that you work iniquity and therefore God will not know you and ask you to depart. 

Repent for the things you did that were not in the Will of the Father and from this day forward make sure that everything you do is the Will of the Father. 

Some will heed this and others will overlook it and continue with business as usual.

Dated 9/4/14 Copyright 2014 M.Ransom. All Rights Reserved.





There is a ground swelling taking place in the earth. What I mean is that there are some changes coming about the way church is happening across the world. 

At one point, home churches was the way in which we met due to the persecution received. Then about the 3/4th century holding church in buildings was established.

I believe we are heading back to the time of home churches as the church willbe going underground at some point due to the rise of a global religion. As this global religion rises, persecution for the church will also arise forcing us to once again hold church in obscure places like homes. There is a lot of stuff brewing and we need to be aware of the times and the seasons ahead. We can not afford to be ignorant right now. A great fall away is on the rise, hearts are waxing cold, America is on a decline and we need to prepare. God is trying to awaken the sleepers. IT'S HIGH TIME! 

It is the utmost importance that the true church focus on the building themselves, not just buildings. We should be praying and seeking like never before Gods will and not our own. We should be working out own soul salvation daily. We should be watching and praying. We most return back to our first love.


Dated 9/11/14 Copyright 2014 M.Ransom. All Rights Reserved.





Don't get mad at others who are determined to press and chase after God with their whole heart and as a result of the press and chase have begun to wear His countenance, Know His secrets, and obtain stupid favor.. 

That's jealousy! If You want more you will have to pay the price for the more. But instead, many are trying to latch onto the ones whose lamps are filled with oil because they are too lazy to do the work themselves and want to continue to play in the pig pen. 

They really don't like you, they just want your oil. Don't let no one use you for your oil.

Dated 9/16/14 Copyright 2014 M.Ransom. All Rights Reserved.





"And you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free." How many of you are willing to be truthful right here, right now! Okay then let me ask you this! How many of you are struggling with depression? How many don’t know if you are depressed?


Depression has become our nation's number one emotional illness, and it is increasing steadily and it is affecting the church as well; Rising suicide rates, especially among the young, show the final end to which depression takes people. Broken, unhappy homes and wasted lives are often the result of unfettered depression. Some depression is good because it tells us we need to stop and take stock, have a rest, or perhaps have a physical examination to see if there is a medical problem that needs to be cared for. However, depression is most often the result of a selfish, self-pitying, ungrateful heart. The wise Solomon said: "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7. In understanding depression, we must believe fully that God has a remedy for every problem and that we can-go to Him for help.


Well, Abraham Lincoln once said, "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." For anyone who has ever dealt with depression you will understand what I mean when I say "we wear the mask of depression". But for those who don’t or for those who still wear this mask, I speak this for you.


I know this mask all too well, in fact depressed people carry many masks and wear them well.  Let me give you an example of how these masks can be created. When one is a child and has gone through trauma, the mind cannot grasp everything that is happening and parts will seem to shut down.  It becomes too much to bear at such a young age.  Whether one was verbally abused, mentally abused or physically / sexually abused does not matter, because the brain still cuts that part out for the time being.


Then as you grow older your mind will release this information back to you.  At first you think you are going crazy or there is something wrong with you.  By believing this you create the first mask.  This is the denial mask, whereas "it didn’t happen to me and know you can’t see it".  But as your mind continues to leak information and memories out to you the masks start to come in forces.


What you learned as a child must come to the surface, you must relive this all over again because now your brain can help you cope and deal with it.  But you are not ready, you do not want to deal with it, you want to escape. The problem is you cannot as it is you that you are trying to escape from.  So rather than view the person you are and deal with what you need to deal with you put on a mask.


You thought that by putting on the mask, you could get through any situation, that the outside world couldn’t see you and therefore could not judge you.  This is the fear and the shame.  You adapt and become as a chameleon changing colors with the world.  People attract to you because they can’t quit figure you out.


That’s the effect of the Mask of Depression. However, the problems with wearing these masks are numerous.


  • You lose who you are

  • you close off to others

  • you may do drugs or drink to escape

  • You may wonder what is the point if you always have to hide

  • You never have real friends because they don’t really know you

  • They know who you want them to see, or you become what they want you to be


This puts you farther into depression.  Your mind wants to share and heal and you want to cover it with a mask and pretend it is not there. Well today ladies we are going to unveil the spirit of depression.  That right you heard me but just in case you didn’t let me say it again, I said the spirit of depression because that’s what depression is, A SPIRIT!


Depression is a spiritual attack against your and mind of God in you. This weapon causes psychotic or neurotic conditions and emotional and psychological disorders. It brings about feelings of extreme sadness, lack of motivation, irritability, withdrawal tendencies and thoughts of suicide, especially when the spirit of hopelessness sets in. Just as the word implies, it creates an overall feeling of heaviness.


This spirit attacked Elijah, He moaned in self-pity and depression, begging God to kill him!, David said, My life dissolves and weeps itself away for heaviness; raise me up and strengthen me according to [the promises of] Your word., and Jesus, said, My soul is very sad and deeply grieved, so that [y]I am almost dying of sorrow. When he asked the disciples to stay, keep awake and keep watch with Him.  While Jesus dealt with his depression through prayer and David through the reading of God’s word, Elijah overcame his depression through divine intervention.  God instructed him to get up and go!


I want you to understand that within the pages of the Bible are the answers to our most pressing needs. At this moment, you may be very discouraged about life. Life may now appear to you as an endless, tragic treadmill, not really worth living or having. Perhaps you are saying, right now, life holds nothing for me, it is only a bum rap, a lousy trip. Nobody loves me; nobody cares if I live or die.


In the midst of your despair, and your doubt, and frustration, and hopelessness, I want you to realize that Jesus Christ offers to you another view of life; a view that is truly beautiful. Jesus has some special words for us: He said, "I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). With these words, Jesus lifts life above the physical realm and assures us that the abundant life has a divine and eternal quality. The Bible tells us that we were created in the very image or likeness of God, and you can be sure that if God made us like himself, then our lives must have tremendous meaning, destiny, and purpose.


Jesus came to give each of us a good life. And you can enjoy the benefits of that abundant life right here on the face of this earth. Life can have many beautiful moments which you can and should enjoy and cherish. It is very true, of course, that life has it's high and it's low points. Being moody and despondent on a temporary basis is a natural part of every personality. However, please don't allow your deep and despondent moods to control your very being. I know that you may be tempted to blame yourself unduly for all the things that ever go wrong. You may want to punish yourself and others for the deep personal problems which you encounter.


However, the abundant life which Jesus gives prepares our hearts with a mature love which can endure pain and suffering. The Apostle Paul says that this mature love "bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails . . . " (I Corinthians 13:7,8).


Please listen to me very closely. It is important that you understand this. God really cares for you. It took me many years to understand this type of love in order to overcome my depression.  I just knew that something was wrong with me.  I lost my zeal for the house I lived in and more.  I couldn’t understand what was wrong and I was serving God, trying to move forward in His will in a depressed state.  Let me tell you it doesn’t work!


Right now, I could be depressed and out of my mind, home in a rocking chair with bottles of alcohol, a whole of teddy bears and a memory book.  You might be wonder why and what could make me feel this way.  Let me tell you what could do that. Remember earlier I said that traumatic things in life can bring on this spirit of depression, well on September 11. 2009 at approximately 4:oo pm I received a call from the father of my children that my oldest son was just shot and killed.  Many of you read the story or heard it on the news. The story read: “Rosedale Man 20 fatally shot on Northern Pkwy” while sitting on a bike waiting to cross the street.  I should be in Sheppard Pratt somewhere losing my mind or sitting at home with a nappy head. Feeling so heavy and sad that I never want to leave my house as well as isolate myself from people, but I refused to allow the God I served to go down like that.  I wanted Him get the Glory out of this matter because I knew that the enemy wanted depression to force me to kill myself or give up and quit.  The first thing God told me after the shock hit my flesh was to worship Him and as I did it in spite of all the thoughts running through my mind, the emotions He lifted me and I am an example of the abundant life because the abundant life is more than material gain.


Jesus is the abundant LIFE!  In Him we are complete.  Every need met.  We want for nothing because there is no lack in Him. In him there is life and when we grab hold of that life we are able to live.  Live above death, live above poverty, live above sickness, live above evil, live above a recession, live above selfishness, live above depression, just LIVE!  We are richer in spirit because of that abundant Life, His Life!  His blood flows fervently through us and wakes up every thing that was dead and dormant and removes everything that stands in His way of destiny for our lives. He is the raff when we are drowning in the storms of life.  He is the bread when we are hungry and water when we are thirsty. He is the covering for our nakedness.  He is the provider and giver of all things that is good. He is the air we breathe. Jesus is our LIFESAVER!


So I am instructing all of you who raised your hands to get up and go. For that fact stand up! Come out to the isle. I want you to take a step for like this( show example) for every sentence that I say here until you get to or near the altar.  Every s step is a step of deliverance by faith tonight and God is going to do something miracles in your life.  Pick up your beds and walk. You’ve been down long enough, You’ve been sad long enough, you been  withdrawn long enough and those feelings of hopelessness have to go right now. For that fact I rebuke the spirit of depression.  I command and take authority over the spirit of depression and hopelessness in the name of Jesus and I command it to loose it hold over your minds right now.  I decree and declare that the joy of Lord is your strength and that God give you peace that surpasses all understanding and that the mind that was also in Christ Jesus be also in you.


Get up, open your curtains and help someone less fortunate than you. Start journaling, sing, dance, read the word of God, play soothing music, go outside, worship, fellowship. DEPRESSION YOU HAVE BEEN REBUKED IN THE NAME OF JESUS and you need to walk in your deliverance today.  Don’t wait till you feel something, move in the freedom that God as given you.  Many are waiting to be delivered from many things and won’t move until they see physical manifestation but God said we move by FAITH and Faith without works is dead!  Get up I tell, Get up and go!


Copyright 2013-2016. Monique R. Ransom. All Rights Reserved.


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