S.E.T.H Deliverance Center (SDC) would be nothing without our support team. They are the wheels of this auspicious ministry. Our guides facilatate our events.  They lead our supporters and guest through the flow and set the tone of all events which is why they ensure that God's love is felt through the event. Then we have those who watch our back so to speak both in the spirit and in the natural!

Our Women Leadership Team

Renee M. Marks

Renee is the Media and Publicity Leader of SDM She also co-leads with the Outreach Leader as well.  Primarily, she ensures that the word gets out about all of our events and actvities. She works with local radio and TV stations, and internet sites that promotes events to ensure our events are listed and people are well informed about what we are doing. She also helps connect SDM to our local community by involving us in events like cancer awareness and walks, hospice, and food disrtibutions centers. 

Sierra E. Marshall

Sierra is our Hospitality Coordinator Lead and our videographer. When you attend our events,Sierra will be the first person you will meet.  Sierra will greets in love and handles all the registration details. Then once her registration detail are handles you will see her videotaping all the exciting and wonderful things that will occur during the events. SO smile you are on SDM camera! She is also the youngest child to our Prophetess.

Our Youth Leadership Team

Tyese D.

Tyese is one our youth advisors. She supports in all aspects of the ministry . She helps out whereever she can.

Other Ministry Supports

Bruce C. Ransom Esq.

Bruce C. Ransom serves as our legal advisor.  He oversees and reviews any legal aspects pertaining to what we do. He has been in practice  for the past 45 years. This ministry relys heavy on his expertise and wisdom.  He is also the father of Prophetess Monique and also supports all event by being a financial contibutor when necessary.