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Daily Affirmation #6

God is not expecting us to be perfect. If we could be perfect on our own strength, we would not need Jesus nor the Holy Spirit, but we do. What He expects is that we will recognize through His love those areas that are sinful, displeasing and unacceptable in His sight. Those things in our flesh that are a stinch in His nostrils and through His Word, seek deliverance over and over again from any and everything that does not look like Him.

Jesus expects that by Him loving us, we in return will allow the Holy Spirit to change our ways, thoughts and actions because we now love Him. A clean heart with clean hands! Know that this walk is a walk of patience with others and yourself knowing that change takes time. All things in all areas just don’t drop off. We have to keep striving for the change and

Jesus knows if change is what we truely seek by knowing our heart and its motives. So be patient with yourself and with others! Change is inevitable if that what we truly want!

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