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It’s Tight But It’s Right!

Enter ye in at the strait gate for wide is the gate and broard is the way that leadeth to destruction (Matthew 713-14). The road is narrow & it is strait with no curves for a reason, so thats why many can’t few find it. But if you ask the average christian today, they have found it. If that is true, then that fruit tree should be glistening producing fruit that is huge, ripe and so sweet.

This verse is also liken to a tight rope, thin, straight and hard to see which lends us no wiggle room. No room for compromise, gossip, backbiting, pride, sexual immorality, grudges, tailbearers, all the things God hates, and more! This is for those people who seek the spiritual things over the material things as we have truly put Jesus first in our lives.

What am I saying? We understand that we can not be perfect, so lets leave that old excuse out. He understands that there is nothing good in the flesh, so we can’t hold on to that one either! He knows that the heart is desparately wicked but if you allow Him, it can be circumcised. There is nothing that Jesus doesn’t know about the living’s challenges as well as it’s obstacles. We just can’t live a life of excuses by them.

Jesus still expects us to have a heart posture that mirrors all of who He is! That means we must DIE to self daily. Crucify our flesh each and everyday! We will only get by but for so long trying to consistently compromise with the world. Do we really think that God doesn’t see our true motives?What idols we hold higher than Him? Then you are deceived or reprobate!

Look, we can’t keep living by man-made excuses to justify our lack of growth and maturity. We can fool others into thinking that we got it together, but not God. All things done under the cover of darkness will be brought to the light! There are no excuses because for every excuses we try to come up with, His Word has a way to overcome it and an escape from it. We just have to be willing to take the narrow path! Follow and walk that straight line.

Everyday gives us these opportunities to walk straight and take the narrow path, but we lend way, most times, to our justifiable excuses and solidify them with others who refuse to take that narrow straight path themselves. Until it becomes the blind leading the blind. The ditch is wide because too many fon’t want the cost of the straight and narrow. It’s a hard high price to pay and Jesus by example paid it first.

So, we live by these excuses. Justifying ourselves by the standard of the world or heeding to false doctrines that lend way to more excuses, then deception is your portion.

It is truly time to ask God to search (Psalm 139:23-24) us and show us the truth about us. This is not easy to do because you have to be prepared to see how ugly you are inside. If you are really willing to do the work of transformation, then you must put the work in. This is the work that must be done above all else we spend most of our time grinding for.

Just having a form of godliness but denying the power, the real transforming power of God is a waste of purpose! He wants ambassadors that act, think, talk, & walk like Him to go into the world and spread the good news! He understands that nothing happens overnight but for many, you just stopped. You got caught up in this wind that makes it acceptable to compromise and went backwards by being enticed by gold and silver. Chasing Mammon is now your God! Yearning for more materialistic things.

Pick up your cross and follow Jesus to calvery. A place where flesh is crucified so that resurrection can come forth with real power, real miracles and wonders. Let’s truly showcase the Lord Jesus by showing what real Love is and not keep entangling ourselves once again in the vomit of hell!

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