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Physicians Heal Thyself!

Deliverance and Healing is the children’s bread! You should eat of it everyday. See as you eat God’s Word, it act as a cleaning agent by identifying our strengths and weaknesses. It acts like a stethoscope and examines every crevice of our flesh to identify those ways and attitudes that are contrary to the nature and character of Jesus Christ. Our goal should be to walk, talk, & look like him and less like our selves. The Word of God will help us through the Holy Spirit identify our wounds so that we don’t walk holey, but Holy as God is Holy! The Holy Spirit will let us know what changes need to be made and help us to adjust our attitudes so, that God is exalted and that we represent Him well in the earth. This is how we heal ourselves by first allowing God’s Word and Inspector Holy Spirit to identify what changes need to be made, denouncing all attachment and excuses to remain that way, and by using the Scripture of God’s Word to wash us clean!

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