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You Are Worth It!

Remember this one thing! You do not have to SETTLE! Do you hear me? Do not settle for less than what you are worth or deserve? You are part of a Royal Priesthood which makes you royalty. You wear a crown on your head that doesn’t have to be visible to everyone, but it sure has to be visible to you. It’s important to know your worth and how valuable you are.

Many moons ago, I had to walk completely away from a relationship because he did not appreciate my worth. I wasn’t mad. I was wise! I understood that if you can’t appreciate what God has given you in me now, then you won’t after the marriage either.

So Queens of the Most High! Know your value and your worth. Don’t settle for sometimey lust, a drive-by lust, or a booty -call lust. If they are not willing to die for you (spiritually speaking), then they will stuggle with their submission to die for God because Christ gave His life for the church which is the bride. That is what God requires a husband to do for his wife too. It starts in the courtship!

You are worth all the love you deserve. Don’t settle for less!

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